Story Telling by Ahmed Yousef

This Ramadan, Abu Dhabi Festival is reviving the ancient Arab tradition of storytelling with the famed director, actor and hakawati storyteller Ahmed Yousef. Yousef will tell three captivating tales about the inspiring story of the UAE’s visual arts development, the importance of its maritime heritage, and its culturally rich folk art and songs in his signature enchanting fashion to be streamed in a playlist on Friday 29 April.

Story of the UAE’s Visual Arts Evolution

Hear the story of the UAE’s inspiring visual arts transformation as told by the captivating hakawati Ahmed Yousef. From the pioneering artists Abdul Qader Al-Rayes to Najat Makki and Obaid Sorour, among many others, Yousef beautifully narrates the story of collaboration and inspiration that paved the way for the UAE’s impressive development in the art scene.

Maritime Heritage

Yousef tells of the bravery and ambition of Emirati pearl divers, fishermen and ship merchants and the legacy they left behind in an enthralling tale of the heritage of maritime life.

Folk art and Songs

A beautiful story told by the master storyteller of hope, dedication, and celebration and how folklore, music, literature, art and even cooking traditions came to define national identity.

Abu Dhabi Festival co-production

Virtual World Premiere

April 29, 2022

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