Our Authors

Ayesha Ali Al Ghais

Aisha has a Master of Literature and Criticism /, Emirati writer, storyteller, poet, and heritage researcher, working at the Ministry of Education, member of the Emirates Writers Union, she is specialized in children and adolescents literature. She won twenty prizes in the educational, literary, volunteer field, applied research and critical studies, the most important of which are: Khalifa Award for Education in the field of educational authorship in the category of educational innovations, the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development Award, Child Literature, the Emirati Woman Award in Literature and the Arts, the Al Owais Award for the Best Educational Research, the Hamdan Bin Rashid Award for Distinguished Academic Performance, the category of Outstanding Teacher, the Sharjah Award for Excellence and Educational Excellence, and the Ras Al Khaimah Award For educational excellence, and the Sharjah Award for Voluntary Work She participated in many educational forums and jury committees for cultural and educational competitions.

She has written in many cultural magazines, and has more than 50 publications, printed and electronic stories, including Nostalgia Al-Mawasem, Memory of the Sea, Danat from the Emirates, stories of Umm Khalfan’s children and her sheep, Marmar peacocks and the dusty crow, The Cloud Dima in Liwa, the Duck Shahrman the Akol , The greedy toad, the stubborn bitter melon, the dreamy chicken, the wondrous lunar, so he built homelands – a candle and a pen, and a butterfly of happiness.

Al Ratab, teh summer beginning

Jemei Salem Al Dhanhani

A researcher in folk literature with a diploma in meteorology – Queen Noor College – Jordan Aviation Academy, and a specialist diploma in heritage, UAE University, and he is a field university for intangible heritage
He participated in heritage events inside and outside the country. The book “Rain in the Emirati Folklore” is his first literary production

Rain in the Emirati Heritage

Sheikha Al-Jabri

Poet and writer, winner of the Pioneers of Popular Poetry Award 2016 and the Tarim Prize for Journalism in the field of journalism in 2014, and the recipient of the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries Medal for Creativity in the Field of Poetry 2012, and she is the first poet to stand on the stage of the Janadriyah Festival, and was honored among the cultural leaders in the countries of the Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf States , 2010. She has published many books, including “Taqasim in a manner”, “Hadith of the Night”, “The Color of Heritage”, “The Accessories and Fashion of Emirati Women”, “Women in Poetry”, “Cinderella of the Gulf” and many other joint publications.

Patiallly Cloudy

Mohammed Abdullah Noor Al Din

A critic and poet in folk and eloquent literature and comparative literature, he previously contributed in various literary fields, the most important of which is as a member of the administrative body in the House of Poetry in the Emirates Heritage Club and a member of the administrative body of the Emirates Writers and Writers Union in Abu Dhabi, and a lecturer at the Poetry Academy in Abu Dhabi. . To date, he has published 30 publications, including: “An Analytical Study on the Poetry of Sheikh Zayed”, “The Torture of Meanings … Readings in the Poems of Sheikh Zayed”, “Hassan Fought a Cylinder on the Gulf Waves”, “Lessons on the Weights of Popular Poetry”, and ” Schools of folk poetry in the Emirates “, And “Rubaiyat al-Khayyam”, and a number of poetry groups in folk poetry, including a popular children’s poetry collection, entitled “The Key to the Child’s Poet”. Other books on eloquent poetry have been published for him, including Habib Sayegh’s Poetic Experience.

Al Majedi bin Dhaher

Luluwa Al Mansouri

An Emirati writer and researcher, a member of the Emirates Writers Union, a number of publications have been published, and she won several awards, including the Dubai Cultural Award in 2013 for her story collection: The Village That Sleeps in My Pocket

When Earth was square

Basima Mohammed Younes

An Emirati writer, a member of the Emirates Writers and Writers Union, she won many local and Arab awards during her long and busy career, and has published many fictional, theatrical and fictional works for her.

Planet 10

Najat Al Dhaheri

Emirati poetess, member of the Emirates Writers and Writers Union, issued a number of publications, and participated in many cultural events, won local and Gulf awards

Used Cloud

Shaikha Al Mutairi

An Emirati poet who is a member of the Emirates Writers and Writers Union, writes eloquent poetry in both a vertical and a tabular form, she won second place in the Prince of Poets Competition 2019.

I Myself Think

Mohammed Shuaib Al Hammadi

An Emirati writer and researcher who is a member of the Emirates Writers and Writers Union and the Dubai Press Club, among his publications are “When will the nation live in us,” “Your Excellency,” and “The search is still in progress.”

Words of Layalty in Habib Al Sayegh

Shaikha Al Mansouri

Sheikh is an Emirati writer Born in Abu Dhabi in 1980,a school in Abu Dhabi Model School, she has rich experience writing short stories and has participated in many stories at school and university. she participated in many short story competitions nationwide, the Future Day competition in Dubai
she won first place, and the Book Summarizer competition in the Ministry of Education in Abu Dhabi also won First place, and the short story competition at the school level

غلاف ملك قلبي

Maryam Al Adan

A university student with literary interests and this is her first experience in publishing a book

Behind the Silence

Al Sagheera Al Ameri

Al Ain-born Emirati writer and personal development speaker Al Sagheera Al Ameri’s first book, Challenges with the Self, about a mother of six children who begins to study with her children until she joins the university with one of her daughters, is an inspiring catalyst for success and overcoming challenges.

Challenges with oneself


Dr. Abeer Al Hosani

An Emirati writer and critic, who obtained a doctorate in literature and criticism in 2018, won the Rashid Award for Academic Excellence in 2019, and she has issued a number of critical publications, including: Poetry Controversies in the Curriculum of Bulgarian Curriculum, and Cultural Criticism in the Arab World between Theory and Practice

Dr. Fatima Al-Maamari

An Emirati writer and critic, who obtained a doctorate in literature and criticism in 2018, won the Rashid Award for Academic Excellence in 2019, and she has issued a number of critical publications, including: Poetry Controversies in the Curriculum of Bulgarian Curriculum, and Cultural Criticism in the Arab World between Theory and Practice


Hajer Al Raeisi

An Emirati journalist who works on radio and television, with a healthy language, a voice broken by talent, an interesting professional performance, and an elegant attendance

Workshops’ trainers

Ahmed Al Assim

An Emirati poet and writer, one of the pioneers of the Emirati prose poem. He has published more than eight publications, varying between eloquent and common poetry. He held the position of President of the Administrative Board of the Emirates Writers and Writers Union, Ras Al Khaimah Branch, between 2000 and 2019, and his poetry collections are: “A scene in my lungs”, “ This only happens, ”“ My life has returned, ”“ The surplus from the shelf, ”“ This only happens, ”“ The sound of the pomegranate, ”a silence sliding, and“ The door of the look. ”

Sameh Kaawash

A Palestinian writer, literary critic and poet, born in Lebanon in 1969, worked as a cultural editor for Al Khaleej newspaper, as a consultant for culture and media in the Abu Dhabi Group for Culture and Arts, and then as a specialist for the Arabic language in the Ministry of Culture and Youth. He has nine books on literary criticism, including: “The Question of the Singularity and the Significance”, Visions of the Rose of Meaning ”,“ Transformations of the sand / reading in the fictional experience of Ali Abu al-Rish ”,“ The Key to Doubt / Reading in the Poetic Experience of Ahmad Al-Asam ”,“ The Biography of a Bad Boy / Reading in the Poetic Experience of Habib Al-Sayegh ”,“ Room of the Absent / Reading in the Experience Poetry by Al-Fayrouz Friday “2013 on the authority of the Sultan Bin Ali Al-Owais Cultural Foundation. He has seven poetry collections, including:” The Poet as a Final Described “,” Nescafé Sabahat “,” Ikhalak with a Star “and” A Squirrel in the City “, and he has in the novel” Water Seduction ” .

Fatima Al Mazrouei

Fatma Al Mazrouei is a writer, novelist, poet and storyteller, and she is head of the Historical Archives Department of the National Archives of the Ministry of Presidential Affairs. She writes novels, criticism, children’s stories and poetry, as well as articles on cinema and theater. Al Mazrouei has been published in Dubai Cultural Magazine, Ara Magazine, Sharjah Cultural Magazine, Bint Al Khaleej Magazine, Marami Magazine, Turath Magazine, Emirates Cultural Magazine, Fujairah Cultural Magazine, 99 Magazine, Al Maroud Magazine and others and has published more than 20 pieces of poetry, theater, short story and novel writing.

She has participated in many cultural events and scientific conferences and provided workshops on writing short story, novel and children’s story writing, and has been hosted in many cultural and social programs. She has won ninteen awards in the field of literature and culture, the most important of which is the Al Owais Award for creative and cultural work in 2013, the Sheikha Shamsa bint Suhail Prize for Literature and Culture in 2013 and the Emirates Prize for Fiction in 2017 for her novel My Other Story.