Stories of Inclusion hosted by the UAE’s first Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, Sharifa Yateem, features 7 interviews with Emirati people of determination across different career paths who reflect on their remarkable journeys and the challenges they faced while pursuing their dreams.

Part of the 2021 Riwaq Al Fikr Series and a tribute to its former host, the late pioneering blind Emirati journalist, Abdul Aziz Najm, the series sheds light on how the UAE has created an inclusive environment for people of all abilities to prosper.

7 October  – 12 October 2022
Riwaq al Fikr

Episode 1 Nothing is impossible

Episode 2 Literature and Media

Episode 3 The Rythm of Life

Episode 4 Painting Illustration

Episode 5 Advocacy

Episode 6 Advocacy part 2

Episode 7 International Guest

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