Maitha Abdalla – Art residency

Mixed media artist Maitha Abdalla is the first Emirati to be welcomed to the residency programme at An Effort Art in London’s Soho district. The studio selects artists who seek to connect and engage with audiences and the community in a unique way either through their messaging or their process. Maitha is known for articulating strong cultural narratives marked by reminiscence and nostalgia, touching on themes of social and cultural identity in her work which is often inspired by the folklore stories she heard as a child.

The emerging artist’s residency is supported by ADMAF. Maitha’s work ‘The Dancing and the Animal’ was recently featured in Abu Dhabi Festival’s flagship Portrait of a Nation II: Beyond Narratives exhibition, and she has also participated in the Festival’s 2019 Visual Arts Residency Programme in Vaduz, Liechtenstein and Vienna, Austria

Her work from her 3-month residency at An Effort Art will be exhibited in London

Date: October 3 to October 9 2022.

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