Kisses of Poetry by Faraj Abyad


Co-produced by Abu Dhabi Festival, New York-based American-Syrian composer, Faraj Abyad, has launched his first album, ‘Kisses of Poetry’.

From Andalusian classics to contemporary, the album features music to the words of poetry legends such as Ahmad Shouqi, Mahmoud Darwish and Nizar Qabbani. It pays tribute to the traditions of Arabic Maqam and Rhythm while at the same time challenging musical traditions and incorporating touches of western and world music techniques.

23 February 2023

1 . Shifahuki

2 . Dimashq

3 . Lahzaha

4 . Kad Al Muribu

5 . Hawaltu

6 . Ana Al Qawiyyu

7 . Sa’uhibu Aadaee

8 . Agharu Alaika

9 . Taraqab

10 . Ya Nazihan

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