Hailed all over the world as one of the finest contemporary flamenco creators, dancer and choreographer María Pagés presents this vibrant ode to femininity. “De Scheherezade” emanates dramaturgically from a contemporary reading of the essence of the wonderful female characters that have marked the world of universal culture, its exploratory character constitutes the continuity of “I, Carmen”, pagesian show premiered in 2015.

“De Scheherezade” begins when the tale of the “Thousand and One Nights” ends. In the pagesian story the character assumes the invention to transform the world. Faced with the prospect of death, this woman, who is all women, chooses life. Breaking the immutability of providence, she decides to build it from the transmutation of destiny. 

“De Scheherezade” narrates in twelve scenes the experiences of a woman who seeks to fix in the world the philosophical principles of feminine singularity. They are twelve instants to apprehend the thread of light that fleetingly crosses human emotions. The fine thread of life.

Co-Production by Abu Dhabi Festival and Gran Teatre del Liceu
Middle East Premiere
Emirates Palace
10 March 2023

About the Artist

Since 1990, date of creation of María Pagés Compañía, the Sevillian dancer and choreographer made of her national and, particularly, her international career a well-established research project about musical tradition, constantly open to dialogue with the universality of the several cultural languages.

In her long-overdue career, María Pagés has always pursued and claimed the universality values.

In 2011, Moroccan author El Arbi El Harti joined the team, and has worked along with María Pagés in the creation of multitude of performances, including”Utopía” (2011), “La alegría de los niños” (2013), “Yo, Carmen” (2014), “Óyeme con los ojos” (2014), “Dance of hearts” (2017), “Fronteras” (2019), “Paraíso de los negros” (2020), “Siete Golpes y un Camino” (2021) y “De Scheherezade” (2022).

In 2022 she was awarded the Princesa de Asturias Prize for Arts. She was conceded the National Prize for Dance (Creation) in 2022 as well as the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts in 2014, both given by the Ministry of Culture of Spain, and the Community of Madrid Prize for Culture in 2007.

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