Arabic Music Days Curated by Naseer Shamma

A multi-evening celebration of diverse Arab music in Berlin’s iconic, Frank Gehry-designed music hall, the Pierre Boulez Saal, featuring a line-up of influential Arab music artists.

Events program:

  • Wednesday, 13.Sep. 2023, 07.30 PM
    Ahmad Shamma Quartet

  • Thursday, 14.Sep. 2023, 07.30 PM
    Islam Taha & The Cairo Oud House Trio

  • Friday, 15.Sep. 2023, 07.30 PM Uhr
    Sherine Tohamy & The Abu Dhabi Oud House Trio

  • Saturday, 16. Sep.2023, 07.30 PM Uhr
    Nehad El-Sayed Quintet

  • Sunday, 17.Sep. 2023, 07.30 PM
    Naseer Shamma & Members of the 2350BC Orchestra

Principal Partner Abu Dhabi Festival
Pierre Boulez Saal, Berlin, Germany
13-17th of September 2023

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