Moza Al Matrooshi performance and artist talk

Sat 29 Jan 6:30 pm

Al Matrooshi’s perspicacious practice often looks keenly into everyday materials, from foodstuffs to habits, in order to show the societal and political assumptions around them. In this performance, she interprets the repeated actions of bakers and confectioners as a sequence with meaning akin to linguistic significance, studying their movements to imagine them as an alphabet.

performance followed by artist talk


  • Moza Al Matrooshi
  • Carlos Gonzales

Artist Talk:

  • Moza Al Matrooshi, Artist


  • Pablo del Val, Artistic Director Art Dubai

Additional performances at the Portrait of a Nation II exhibition, in front of Moza Al Matrooshi’s work:

Saturday 5 March Musical performance (60 minutes) featuring Moza Al Matrooshi, Carlos Gonzales, Christine Reyes and Mark Alvarez.

Saturday 16 March (20 minutes) featuring Moza Al Matrooshi and Carlos Gonzales