Performance ‘Wajd’ by Marwan Fagi

‘Wajd’ by Marwan Fagi

A tenor with a warm, intimate voice and hailing from Mecca, singer and composer Marwan Fagi presents a performance that reflects a deeply spiritual message. His art stems from his intensely emotional spirit merged with his natural talent to deliver impeccable performances.

Abu Dhabi Festival will feature Fagi performing Ateh Fik (I Adore You), which he composed with music arranged by Rami Basahih. His participation symbolizes the birth of a new generation of music writers and the evolution of music distribution. It also comes in line with nurturing and promoting Saudi musical composers, arrangers, and singers.

Fagi is accompanied by the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra, and his performance, Wajd (Devotion), was produced and conducted by composer, soprano and academic, and founder of Hiba Al Kawas Academy, Dr. Hiba Al Kawas. Wajd is a captivating weaving together of the singer’s natural high tones and soothing low tones.

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