Performance ‘Ethereal’ by Mohammed Khayran Al-Zahrani

‘Ethereal’ by Mohammed Khayran Al-Zahrani

Connecting two distinct worlds, countertenor Al-Zahrani honours Saudi cultural artistic heritage while unifying it with the art of Western opera, in a performance entitle Ethereal.

Accompanied by members of the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra and produced and conducted by composer, soprano and academic, and founder of Hiba Al Kawas Academy, Dr. Hiba Al Kawas, the performance features Al-Zahrani’s unique, ethereal voice that goes beyond the usual bass boundaries.

As the first global stage to host Al-Zahrani, Abu Dhabi Festival audiences are set to witness a rare talent honed over time through endless discipline and rehearsal.

Al-Zahrani’s first steps in his artistic journey have led him to his signature song Aala Wa Amjad (More and More Sublime), created specifically to underline his unique vocal abilities, with lyrics by Hasan ibn Thabit and music composed by Hiba Al Kawas.

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