Global Oud Forum – Episode 7


Virtual World Premiere
Tue, 15 June at 8 pm UAE

The final episode is with artist Naseer Shamma, with his input on the idea behind the Global Oud Forum and highlights on its goals and aspirations, commentary on everyone who participated in the forum, including researchers, musicians, and Oud makers. Additionally he presents a performance with three musical pieces, You can find the musical notes in the devoted section of the Global Oud Forum booklet which is available for download and includes musical notes for the performances of all of the episodes for 2021.

Location: Dubai



Oud Master – Baghdad, Iraq

Naseer Shamma is a renowned Iraqi musician and composer, born in 1963 in Iraq. He graduated from the Institute of Musical Studies in Baghdad in 1987 and went on to gain a PhD in “Musical Philosophy”.

Shamma has won more than 60 awards, including the award for the best artist in Iraq, the British Royal Academy Award and the “Rotterdam Arab Festival” award.

During his career, Shamma has focused on promoting the teachings of the Oud instrument and as result established the Arab Oud House in Cairo, Alexandria, Abu Dhabi, Baghdad and Khartoum, gaining International recognition these institutions have gone on to attract students from all over the world.

He has produced many memorable performances, among them with the “Metropolitan Orchestra” in Montreal, with Jazz legend Winton Marsalis, in addition to the “Lebanese National Orchestra of Oriental-Arab Music”

In 2000 he founded the 2350BC Orchestra contrasting the most prominent former
graduates of the Oud House, accompanied by renowned guest musicians and performing across various parts of the world. He is also the founder of Eastern Orchestra, which includes 75 musicians from the far-east MENA and European regions as well as the “Global Ensemble”, a group of leading Western musicians, emphasising for peace and justice recently re-branded to the “Peace Builders”.

Shamma has widely contributed to globalising of the oud instrument, and has been named “Master of the Oud” as well as “The Oud Legend”, he has tirelessly fought for human rights and advocated for humanitarian plights in addition to the preservation of human heritage, he currently serves as ambassador to “The Non-Violence Project”, The International Federation of Red Crescent/Cross Societies and UNESCO