Global Oud Forum – Episode 6


Virtual World Premiere
Sat, 12 June at 8 pm UAE

Episode 6 consists of performances by Necati Celik of Turkey, Hisham Errish of Libya, Hashem Qallaf of Kuwait and Zain Al-Marhabi of Saudi Arabia. The featured report sheds light on the works of Ya’aqoub Jasim, a luthier from Kuwait. This episode highlight excerpts from research by academic writer Dr. Fahad Mohsen al Bathali from Kuwait. on other forms of entertainment that disrupt the preservation of heritage instruments such as the Oud, with emerging generations.

Locations: KSA, Kuwait, Libya, Turkey


Hashim Al-Qallaf

Musician – Kuwait

Kuwaiti oud musician Hashim Al-Qallaf also holds a diploma in communications and maritime navigation. He has performed with the 2350BC Orchestra at the Opera House in Cairo and in international venues across the region.

Hisham Errish

Musician – Tripoli, Libya

Libyan oud musician and composer Hisham Errish was a founder of the University of Benghazi’s band and was named ‘Best Oud Player’ in Egypt’s university sector. He is the No.1 ranked oud musician amongst Libyan universities and is a member of the Arab Oud House in Cairo.

Necati Çelik

Musician – Istanbul, Turkey

A master of the classical Turkish style of oud, Çelik has performed, recorded and taught internationally and is skilled in the art of taksim improvisation.

Zain Al-Marhabi

Musician – Riyadh, KSA

Saudi Arabian oud musician Zain Al-Marhabi studied at the Bahrain Institute of Music and plays in the Eastern, Turkish and Iraqi styles. He is also a teacher of the oud.

Dr. Fahad Al Bathali

Musicologist – Kuwait

Kuwaiti musician, professor and instructor Al Bathali specializes in teaching the Oud. He is a member of the Oriental Orchestra Committee for Students and the Orchestra of Teachers of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Education.

Ya’acoub Jassim

Luthier – Kuwait

Since the age of 13, when he was under the tutelage of famous Turkish oud maker Ali Nashadir, Yacoub Jassim has been crafting ouds using a methodology he developed based on precise measurements and scientific selection of materials.