Global Oud Forum – Episode 4


Virtual World Premiere
Sat, 5 June at 8 pm UAE

Episode 4 is compiled with performances by Nehad El-Sayed of Egypt, Jalal Kassam of Syria, Ashraf Awad of Sudan and Naochika Sogabe of Japan. This episode’s featured report focuses on the crafts of Huosain Sabsaby, a luthier based in Damascus, in addition to input from Sami Naseem from Baghdad Iraq around the Oud instrument as it relates to the digital age.

Locations: Iraq, Germany, Switzerland, Syria, UAE


Ashraf Awad

Musician – Sudan, UAE

An oud player from central Sudan, Awad is a graduate of Bait al Oud in Cairo and is currently an oud professor there. He plays in multiple groups including Bait al Oud with Naseer Shamma, AfroCairo, Arab band, Samaa band, orchestra Al-Shara’, Halaket Thikir and El Ezza Al-Soudanieh orchestra.

Jalal Kassam

Musician – Syria, UAE

Kassam is a Syrian musician and member of the Bait Al Oud Orchestra.

Naochika Sogabe

Musician – Japan, Germany

Japanese oud and lute player and composer Naochika Sogabe is a lead artist in the Global Oud Forum. He studied the historical music of Europe and music ethnology at the Cologne University of Music (Germany) and Royal Conservatory of the Hague (Netherlands) and composes music that combines the historical and the modern, and Eastern and Western traditions.

Nehad El-Sayed

Musician – Egypt, Switzerland

Egyptian-Swiss oud player and composer Nehad El-Sayed graduated from the Oud House of Cairo as a soloist with honors and was later appointed an assistant head of the institute. He has released three albums and composed for numerous orchestras. He currently teaches Arabic music and oud at the Basel Music Academy and the Bell Conservatory.

Sami Naseem

Musicologist – Baghdad, Iraq

An Iraqi oud player, composer and music researcher, Naseem has been a professor of oud music at the Institute of Musical Studies, the Institute of Fine Arts, and the School of Music and Ballet in Iraq, as well as a member of the Iraqi National Committee for Music, the Iraqi Artists Syndicate and the Iraqi Musicians Association.

Huosain Sabsaby

Luthier – Damascus, Syria

Syrian oud maker Huosain Sabsaby began as a musician, studying and playing with the some of the finest of oud musicians of our time. He has performed on stages around the world and won many prizes, and he has recorded soundtracks and music for release.