Global Oud Forum – Episode 3


Virtual World Premiere
Tue, 1 June at 8 pm UAE

Episode 3 brings together performances by Hazem Shaheen of Egypt, Mohammed Abozekry of Egypt, Ahmad Shamma of Iraq and Fateen Kanaan of Syria. With each episode a featured report is presented for modern-day pioneers in the Oud-making sector and for this lineup Luthier Fawzi Monshed will be highlighted at his workshop in Basra, Iraq. Academic researcher Dr. Ahmad Al-Hinnawi provides input on the Oud as it relates to the modern music industry.

Locations: Egypt, Iraq, UAE


Hazem Shaheen

Musician – Egypt

An Egyptian oud player, singer, and composer, Shaheen is a lead artist in the Global Oud Forum. He has taught at the Oud House of Cairo and the Egyptian Opera House and in 2001 won the title of ‘best oud player’. Shaheen has played with venerable Lebanese composer and pianist Ziad Rahbani.

Mohammed Abozekry

Musician – Egypt, France

A lead artist in the Global Oud Forum, Abozekry is a graduate of the Arab Oud House in Cairo, and first prize winner at the International Oud Competition in Damascus in 2009. He has a unique ability to assimilate new musical languages, enabling him to associate with artists from the worlds of jazz and traditional music. Based in France, Abozekry teaches, composes and performs with his band.

Ahmad Shamma

Musician – Iraq

Iraqi composer, oud soloist and teacher Ahmed Shamma graduated from the Fine Arts college of Baghdad and the Oud House of Cairo. A lead artist in the Global Oud Forum, he specialises in classical and contemporary Arabic music and has received many awards for excellence in teaching. Founder of the band known as Iraq, Shamma’s first album release was ‘Arabian Strings’ under Universal Music.

Fateen Kanaan

Musician – Syria, UAE

Syrian oud player Fateen Kanaan is a graduate of the Bait Al Oud in Abu Dhabi influenced by the Turkish and Iraqi schools of oud music. He currently teaches at Bait Al Oud.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Hinawi

Musicologist – Cairo, Egypt

Composer, orchestra conductor, professor and oud player Dr. Ahmed Al-Hinawi has been a member of the management committee and executive director of the Cairo Symphony Orchestra, has arranged music for many artists’ works and has composed many theatrical works, radio series, documentaries and feature films in the Egyptian television.

Fawzi Monshed

Luthier – Basra, Iraq

An oud maker since 1974, Monshed has won Egypt’s Golden Feather Prize and has made several instruments for oud masters Naseer Shamma and Munir Bashir. An oud made by him is part of the holdings of the British Museum.