Global Oud Forum – Episode 2


Virtual World Premiere
Sat, 29 May at 8 pm UAE

Episode 2 includes performances by Mohammed Al-Attar of Iraq, Sherine Tohamy of Egypt, Yousif Abbas of Iraq and Zulkarnain Yusof of Malaysia. Additionally a featured report highlights the crafts of Luthier Omar Mohammad Fadhil, filmed at his workshop in Baghdad, Iraq. Dr. Duraid Fadhil Al-Khafaji provides excerpts of his research on the Oud and the digital world.

Locations: Iraq, Egypt, Malaysia, UAE


Mohammed Al-Attar

Musician – Iraq

An Iraqi oud Musician, al-Attar graduated with honors from the Oud House in Cairo as a soloist. He teaches at the Oud House of Baghdad and has participated in many international concerts and festivals as a member of the 2350BC Orchestra, Iraqi Artists Syndicate, Iraqi Musicians Union and the Iraqi Artists Association.

Sherine Tohamy

Musician – Egypt, UAE

The first female to graduate as a soloist from the Oud House of Cairo, Sherine Tohamy is a lead artist in the Global Oud Forum. She teaches at the Oud House of Abu Dhabi and at New York University Abu Dhabi and has released three albums of Egyptian heritage pieces and her own compositions. Tohamy is the founder of the all-women band Najmat.

Zulkarnain Yusof

Musician – Malaysia

Yusof’s passion for the Oud has brought him to stages and classrooms around the Middle East, Asia and Europe as an oud player and researcher.

Yousif Abbas

Musician – Iraq, Egypt

An oud musician, composer and researcher and professor of music at the Academy of Fine Arts in Baghdad, Abbas is a lead artist in the Global Oud Forum. He has represented Iraq in international festivals and won many prizes and international awards, including the Munir Bashir Medal in 2009 and first place in the Qartaj festival. Abbas founded the band Contemporary Music Project and has composed music for orchestras and film soundtracks such as ‘All Roads Lead to Rome’.

Dr. Duraid Al Khafaji

Musicologist – Iraq

An Iraqi composer, musicologist and oud player, Dr. Al Khafaji has a PhD in Philosophy of Musical Arts. He has led many orchestras and taught at many institutes and schools of music at the University of Baghdad, Salah Al-Deen University and more.

Omar Mohammed Fadhil

Luthier – Iraq

Iraqi oud maker Omar Mohammed Fadhil was a violist and worked for Kuwait’s Ministry of Education before establishing his own oud making company, which he still directs in Iraq. He has expanded the company’s work to include the revival of instruments such as the Sumerian harp which, with UNESCO’s direction, became part of the Iraq Museum’s collection.