Virtual World Premiere
Tue, 25 May at 8 pm UAE

Episode 1 of the Global Oud Forum includes performances by Faisal Al Saari of the UAE, Bechir Gharbi of Tunisia, Sadiq Jaafar of Iraq and a Trio performance by Islam Taha, Salma Mokhtar and Eslam Abdelaziz from Cairo. The episode will shed light on the craft of Luthier Amr Fawzi, the master craftsman at Bait Al Oud Abu Dhabi workshop, which has witnessed much innovation in the Oud-making sector. Academic writer and researcher Dr. Noura Al Mazroui will talk about the history of the Oud in the Gulf region.

Locations: Egypt, UAE


Sadiq Jafar

Musician – Iraq, UAE

Sadiq Jafar is an Iraqi oud player, composer and professor. 

Faisal Al Saari

Musician – Abu Dhabi, UAE

Emirati oud player, teacher, researcher and vocalist Faisal Al Saari is a Global Oud Forum lead artist. He has composed operettas and produced albums and performed in many international festivals. Al Saari is the founder of an Emirati choir and the Yas Orchestra and is the winner of a Creativity Award at the Abu Dhabi Classical Music Festival sponsored by the Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation. He continues to teach at the Oud House of Abu Dhabi.

Bechir Gharbi

Musician – Tunisia, UAE

A professional oud player and composer, and Professor of Music and Musicology,
Gharbi has performed many concerts and won many awards, and has been honoured at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

Islam Taha

Musician – Egypt

Egyptian Oud musician Islam Taha has participate in many international festivals, is a member of the 2350BC Orchestra and founded the band Juzour. He is currently a professor at the Oud House in Cairo and director of the El Harawy Creativity Center.

Eslam Abdelaziz

Musician – Egypt

An Egyptian oud player, Abdelazez graduated with a degree in Computers and Aerospace Information Technology while studying at the Arab Music Institute for Free Studies, the Talent Development Center at the Cairo Opera House and the Oud House in Cairo. He teaches oud and continues to perform with the 2350BC Orchestra, Iskandarella and the Bahjja Ensemble. 

Salma Mokhtar

Musician – Egypt

Mokhtar is a student at the Arabic Oud House and a member of the Arabic Oud House orchestra. 

Dr. Noura Al Mazroui

Musicologist – Abu Dhabi, UAE

Dr. Al Mazroui is a writer, academic and musician with a PhD in Gulf Studies from the  Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies at the University of Exeter in the UK. Her book, A History of the Relations Between the Emirates and Saudi Arabia, won the Al Owais Innovation Award in 2017 for the best book by an Emirati author. She lectures at the Emirates Diplomatic Academy, Zayed University and Abu Dhabi University. 

Amr Fawzy

Luthier – Egypt, UAE

Oud maker Amr Fawzy has developed a number of oriental stringed instruments, under the mentorship of oud master Naseer Shamma, at the Bait Al Oud workshop in Abu Dhabi. He is currently working on a new design for the interior structure of oud. Shamma has called Fawzi one of the most important innovators of the Oud instrument.